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In Quicktime
a cog from the movieThe Cog - hi res 4.8MB (time to download on broadband 1-4 minutes)

Or use the flash plugin on the honda site below.
They say this took 606 takes and is a combined result of 2 (it looks seamless).
No computer graphics. All real as it happened.
Two (2) of six (6) hand built preproduction models used. One just for parts.
And, yes, tires (tyres) can really roll uphill if you add weights to them and balance them just so.
Music is Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" (1979)
The tagline is read by Garrison Keillor of "A Prairie Home Companion" and "Lake Wobegon" fame.
Some company that produced a longer movie (I'm not providing the link because that's the way things go.) of some other Rube Goldberg setup is suing claiming Honda stole the “idea” from them!
And if you never heard the term Rube Goldberg (amazing to me how many people haven't) you might think they have a case until you check out: Rube Goldberg the cartoonist whose name has become an adjective!
Of course you could buy the The Way Things Go DVD and see if you think Honda "stole" the idea from them!
Other Rube Goldberg type “inventions”:
Article in the Telegraph.
Original on Honda UK flash movie (click the cog, then the star by the movie size) or small mpeg in the downloads.

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