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[Added 8:50PM 16 Dec 2003] **Warning** there is a speed trap on page extension.  Going east the speed limit drops from 60mph to 55mph at mile marker 18 (just past the Maryland Hts Expy) without warning!  It looks like tickets are being written!  There is NO warning sign.

Page Ave extension by the numbers.

East of I-270 this road is known as Page Ave. and County Route D.
West of I-270 its only marked as MO-364 until MO-94.
It is known as both MO-364 and MO-94 until Harvester Rd.

MO-94 east connects with I-70, west connects with US-40/I-64
Maryland Hts Expy (exit 17) connects with Earth City Expy Do NOT try to use it to try to get to Olive Blvd.  All streets that go there have various problems, are two lane and Creve Coeur Mill has become very congested at all hours and is subject to flooding.  Assuming you are headed east (toward St Louis City) Bennington Pl is the exit for Olive Blvd west of I-270 (actually Ross Rd. else take I-270 south). Exit at exit 19 and turn right (south) onto Bennington Pl (you must stop even though it is a yield sign because your view is blocked by the stoplight pole and the guardrail) next light is Fee Fee. If you are in the right lane of Bennington Pl you must only yield to pedestrians and idiots that cannot stay in their lane else you must yield to Fee Fee Rd traffic. When you see two(!) AMOCO (BP) stations you are at Olive Blvd.
Bennington Pl north takes you across Marine Ave and becomes McKealvey Rd and continues across Dorsett Rd.

A very knowledgeable person has pointed out I was mistaken about which exit signs are wrong.  If you are exiting from MO-364 onto I-270 the approaching overhead signs saying the exits are 20A and 20B which is correct.  The actual exit signs read 22A for I-270 south and 22B for I-270 north which is wrong. The exit sign from westbound MO-364 for Bennington Pl that reads 21 should be 19.

The exit from I-270 on to MO-364 (west) is 16B. Page Ave (east) is 16A.
Note: Exit signs have been corrected.  Map will be updated soon.  (Thanks B.D.)

You would think that out of $350 million they would set aside a few thousand for a decent map! MoDOT has these four arieal views with the extension drawn in.  Two are at one angle from north the other two are at a different angle. Below is a composite I created. North is the normal top of page and the extension has been enchanced in a deep red. No warranty of this information is expressed or implied. If you get lost please don't blame me!
page ave ext
The Page Ave extension 640x559 - for a very large version 1847x1612, 189.2KB (about 37 seconds download time with dial-up modem at 46000bps), actual time to display will vary with browser and speed of machine.

page ave ext
West end detail based on a MoDot acrobat format (.pdf) of the 364 and 94 end.

At MoDot an acrobat format (.pdf) of the trail connection from Creve Couer Lake to the Katy trail.

[update 29 Dec 2003]  The Gateway Guide now has traffic info. or but no camera views of MO-364 online. 
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