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The two badges above indicate that the pages they appear on were checked to conform to the standards they indicate to try to give you full access to the page without having to worry about which browser you are using.  None of the idiotic best viewed with links that mostly are about Micro$oft wanting to set their own standards so that they can control the market to the point that they fail to follow standards in their page gernerator program (Front Page) to try to break other browsers.  The loser in this war is the internet community.  How can you help in this war?  Contact anyone who has a “best viewed with” or a site that insists you download a specific browser or use a certain machine and tell them they are losing customers by not simply following the standards set forth by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  If you use Front Page check its output with the standards and insist to MicroSoft that their generator produce acceptable standard code.
Too many web pages are built by people that don't seem to understand the concept.  They try to make it look like print media or TV and it is neither.  In many cases the larger the company the worst the pages.  A few examples (and there are so many): Pulitzer Publishing that does the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newpaper has a web site that has a large number of problems but one of the most puzzling is a background color done as a single dot image file that takes so long to repeat and fill on older browsers and machines that I'm sure many users will believe their machine is locked up. (note: May have been fixed April of 2004) uses such a large javascript menu system that makes it unusable on any but the very fastest connections and machines (and it reloads on every new page).  And most assume you are using a screen 800 pixels wide and that your window is set to full width (this includes with so many of the screens they sell so very much wider).  The Muppet's (part of Disney) has been totally redone in Macromedia Flash (so it looks like TV) and now none of the links from work and Google™ has nothing to index (if it ain't broke don't fix it).
A partial list of browsers.  Each should be judged on adherance to standards, stability (how often does it crash), and usability.  They have one thing in common, all are lacking.

Contact for corrections. (It is an image to try to reduce spam, sorry no clickable link.)
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