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NoSQL is a database that does not store data in a tabular form, unlike other traditional databases. NoSQL stands for Not only SQL. They were introduced to handle large amounts of data and are capable of effectively storing high user data loads. Depending on their data model, they have different data storage types.
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A millionaire person can be defined as a person who has a net worth of approximately 1 billion in his bank account. In other words, if an individual can be in a position of selling his or her assets for cash, be able to clear all debts, and further remain with 1 million in the bank account, the person will be termed as a millionaire. Every individual within the society aspires to become a millionaire in the future in whichever business being conducted. Books have been part of every individual life in one way or the other, and they have played a significant role in the upcoming of an individual.
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There are two kinds of non-ice hockey. Field Hockey and Street hockey. Not surprisingly, the balls they use are different. In field hockey, there are officially designated balls, approved by the National Federation of State High Schools Association. If it's played in high school, most of the field hockey balls will be labeled NFHS approved.