How Many Skyscrapers Are in St. Louis?

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Skyscrapers are tall, multi-story buildings that are characterized by their significant height compared to other structures in the surrounding area. They are usually made of steel or reinforced concrete and are designed to accommodate a large number of people or provide office, residential, or commercial space. Skyscrapers are often found in urban areas with limited land availability, as they allow for vertical expansion and optimal use of space. These iconic structures have come to symbolize modern architecture and are often considered architectural feats of engineering and design.

Where was the first skyscraper built in the world?

The first skyscraper in the world was built in Chicago, United States. It is known as the Home Insurance Building and was completed in 1885.

How many skyscrapers are in St. Louis?

As of 2021, there are approximately 27 skyscrapers in St. Louis.

Here is top 7 skyscrapers in St. Louis:

  1. One Metropolitan Square - Also known as Met Square, it is the tallest building in St. Louis with 42 floors and a height of 181 meters (593 feet).
  2. 100 North Broadway - This building has 36 floors and a height of 135 meters (443 feet).
  3. One AT&T Center - Formerly known as One SBC Center, it has 44 floors and stands at a height of 193 meters (633 feet).
  4. 1010 Market Street - Also known as the Ten Ten Building, it has 31 floors and a height of 122 meters (400 feet).
  5. 600 Washington - This building has 22 floors and a height of 87 meters (285 feet).
  6. Park East Tower - With 25 floors, this building reaches a height of 85 meters (279 feet).
  7. Millennium Hotel St. Louis - This hotel has 28 floors and stands at a height of 86 meters (283 feet).
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