How Much Snow Does St. Louis Get a Year?

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Snow is a form of precipitation that falls from the atmosphere in the form of ice crystals. It occurs when the temperature in the atmosphere is below freezing and moisture in the air condenses directly into ice, bypassing the liquid form. Snowflakes are formed when water vapor freezes around microscopic particles in the atmosphere and creates unique crystal structures. When enough snowflakes accumulate on the ground, it forms a layer of snow. Snow can vary in density, moisture content, and shape, and it is a major component of winter weather in many regions around the world. It can be both beautiful and can cause travel disruptions and other challenges.

How Much Snow Does St. Louis, MO Get a Year?

St. Louis, MO has a relatively moderate amount of snowfall compared to other cities in the United States. On average, St. Louis receives about 16 inches (41 cm) of snow each year. However, the amount of snowfall can vary significantly from year to year. Some years, St. Louis may experience heavy snowstorms that contribute to a higher total snowfall, while other years may see very little snow or even none at all. The winter months, particularly January and February, are when St. Louis typically receives the most snowfall. Snowfall in St. Louis is often accompanied by cold temperatures, which can impact daily life and travel in the region.

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