What Animals Does the St. Louis Zoo Have?

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The St. Louis Zoo is a popular and highly regarded zoological park located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It is one of the oldest and largest zoos in America, covering an area of approximately 90 acres (36 hectares). The zoo is renowned for its extensive collection of animals and its commitment to conservation, research, education, and recreation.

Established in 1910, the St. Louis Zoo is a leading zoological institution that aims to provide an engaging and educational experience for visitors while promoting the well-being and preservation of its animal inhabitants. The zoo is known for its diverse collection of over 13,000 animals, representing more than 600 species from various regions around the world.

The zoo is divided into several zones or exhibits that replicate different habitats. Some of the notable exhibits include the River's Edge, which showcases animals from the world's great rivers; the Penguin & Puffin Coast, featuring a naturalistic environment for these aquatic birds; the Big Cat Country, featuring majestic big cats such as lions and tigers; and the Discovery Corner, specifically designed for children to interact with animals and learn about nature.

In addition to its exceptional animal collection, the St. Louis Zoo also offers various educational programs, shows, and events to enhance visitors' understanding and appreciation of the natural world. These include daily animal feedings and demonstrations, educational presentations by zookeepers, and seasonal events like the Jungle Boogie concert series and Boo at the Zoo during Halloween.

The St. Louis Zoo is committed to conservation efforts both within the zoo itself and in the wild. It participates in numerous breeding and reintroduction programs for endangered species, as well as supporting research and preservation initiatives worldwide.

Importantly, the St. Louis Zoo is free of charge for all visitors, although some attractions and special exhibits may require a separate fee. This accessibility has made the zoo a beloved destination for both locals and tourists, attracting millions of visitors each year.

Overall, the St. Louis Zoo is a must-visit attraction, offering a combination of entertainment, education, and conservation that appeals to people of all ages while promoting the welfare and protection of animals.

When was the St. Louis Zoo built?

The St. Louis Zoo was built in 1910.

How big is the Saint Louis Zoo?

The Saint Louis Zoo is approximately 90 acres in size. It is one of the largest zoos in the United States and houses over 18,000 animals from around 600 different species.

Where to park at the Saint Louis Zoo?

The Saint Louis Zoo offers several parking options for visitors. Here are some of the parking areas available:

  1. North Lot: This is the main parking lot located just off Wells Drive and Government Drive. It offers convenient parking for visitors and is closest to the zoo entrance. However, it tends to get crowded quickly, especially during peak hours and weekends.
  2. South Lot: This parking area is located south of Wells Drive, near the McDonnell Planetarium. It is a good alternative if the North Lot is full. From here, you can take a short walk through the park to reach the zoo.
  3. West Lot: This lot is located off Government Drive and offers additional parking space for zoo visitors. Although it is a bit farther from the zoo entrance, there are shuttles available to transport visitors to and from the entrance.
  4. Street Parking: Limited street parking is available along certain nearby streets, such as Wells Drive, Government Drive, and within Forest Park. However, it can be challenging to find an open spot, especially during busy times.

It is recommended to arrive early or consider using alternative transportation options, such as public transport or ride-sharing services, to avoid parking difficulties.

What animals does the St. Louis Zoo have?

The St. Louis Zoo has a wide variety of animals. Some of the animals you can find at the zoo include lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, penguins, bears, zebras, rhinoceroses, kangaroos, hippos, gorillas, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and many more species. The zoo is home to over 18,000 animals representing more than 600 different species.

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