Where Is Rocky Mount Missouri

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Rocky Mount, Missouri is located in Morgan County, in the central part of the state. It is situated on the southern shoreline of the Lake of the Ozarks, approximately 35 miles southwest of Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri.

What is the population of Rocky Mount Missouri?

According to the most recent data available, the population of Rocky Mount, Missouri is approximately 1,785 people.

What is the history of Rocky Mount Missouri?

Rocky Mount, Missouri, is a small community located in Morgan County, central Missouri. The history of Rocky Mount dates back to the early 19th century when the area was inhabited by Osage Native Americans. The Osage people lived in the region until being forcibly relocated to the Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma in the 1830s.

The first European settlers arrived in the area in the early 19th century. Rocky Mount was originally named Mount Pleasant and served as a trading post and a stopover for travelers heading westward. The town's name was changed to Rocky Mount in the mid-19th century due to the abundance of rocks and bluffs in the area.

The community of Rocky Mount gradually grew with the establishment of farms and businesses. The arrival of the railroad in the late 19th century further stimulated growth and brought economic opportunities to the town. Rocky Mount became a hub for shipping various products, including timber, livestock, and agricultural goods.

During the early 20th century, Rocky Mount experienced a decline in population and economic activity due to the depletion of timber resources and a devastating fire in 1919 that destroyed many of the town's buildings. However, the construction of the Bagnell Dam on the nearby Osage River as part of the creation of the Lake of the Ozarks in the 1920s brought renewed growth and development to the area.

The Lake of the Ozarks became a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from nearby cities and beyond. Rocky Mount and its surrounding communities benefited from the influx of tourists, leading to the construction of resorts, vacation homes, and various recreational facilities.

Since then, Rocky Mount has remained a small, close-knit community with a population of a few hundred residents. It continues to benefit from the tourism industry generated by the Lake of the Ozarks. The area's natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and historical sites continue to attract visitors, contributing to the local economy and preserving the town's unique heritage.

What county is Rocky Mount Missouri in?

Rocky Mount, Missouri is located in Morgan County.

How Far Rocky Mount Missouri from St.Louis Missouri

Rocky Mount, Missouri is approximately 130 miles southwest of St. Louis, Missouri.

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